Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chicken, Veggie and Barley Soup (or so I thought!)

I don't always know what we are having for dinner when I start to fix it. Sounds weird when I put that in so many words, but that's just the way I cook. Sort of by the seat of my pants. I wing it. Lots. So tonight, when I started dinner, I had no idea what we were having. I figured some kind of soup. That much I knew. I had a few veggies on the counter, and some thawed out chicken with stock. By the time I got done chopping veggies, I decided to toss in some barley to give it some substance. It was coming right along, and I went to the pantry to get the barley. Hmmmm, not there. I checked the freezer. Yeah, not there either. I checked the other freezer. Nope. Then I checked the other freezer. Nada. I went back to the pantry, and got out the flour for dumplings. Ahhh, chicken and dumplings! What could be better? I love cooking!


  1. On nights like tonight, that sounds like a really good idea.

    How you doing? Shoot me an email...let's chat!

  2. your amazing I tend to follow a receipt. Wish I could do that!

  3. Not a chance those are flowers of mine. I am going to have to check the rose plant and see if it is going to bud soon or not.

    PioneerWoman's pot roast is in the oven. Smells so good!