Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Beautiful Hubby

We were at the airport, waiting for my in-laws flight to get in. I forgot to bring anything to read. I was bored. I had the camera. He was a good sport.
The End.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beautiful Morning

I was on my way to work yesterday, and this is what I saw on the way in.

Want to know something funny? Yesterday was an awesome day for me. I wonder if this is why?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Farmer's Market

It's been unseasonably warm here in the Sacramento Valley. Hubby and I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by working outside, cleaning up around the trees, and this morning, we went to the local farmer's market! It runs year round, rain or shine, and has local produce of all sorts. Our favorite apples are from Noble Orchards up in the foothills. We eat about 10 lbs of apples each week. Can you believe that?? They're so yummy.

I can tell the weather is starting to get nicer, because there were pots of flowers, just waiting to go to a new home.

Masa Organics is where we usually get brown rice. I think next time we'll be getting the 25 lb. bag. I like to mix it with barley and keep some made up in the refrigerator to mix in with stir fries, or in my veggie omelets on the weekends.

This year, we discovered pomegranate balsamic vinegar..... Oh, my. It's so good, I think I could just drink this stuff straight. It's made right up the road from us. Who knew??

I look forward to our trips each week. We see lots of colorful people. And baskets. Lots and lots of baskets.