Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Beautiful Hubby

We were at the airport, waiting for my in-laws flight to get in. I forgot to bring anything to read. I was bored. I had the camera. He was a good sport.
The End.


  1. That's one handsome man you have there!! Oh and what wonderful eyes...they tell everything!

  2. Ah the handsome brother in law...sigh...

  3. He looks very happy. You must be doing things right!

  4. Were you at the new terminal? We used it when I flew out to NC during poor husband and another couple got stuck on the elevator to nowhere! He barely made it to say goodbye before I left. I don't think we like terminal B! BTW: Great shot of your man.

  5. What a handsome and cute husband you have! Nice to 'meet' him.

  6. He's adorable! You'd better put a fence around him ;-)

  7. MMmmmmm....beautiful man indeed!!!!

  8. Robin, yes, he has wonderful eyes. They are blue, blue, blue.
    Becca, Ahhhhh, sigh, indeed.
    Sue, I like to think I'm doing something right! He's pretty content with life.
    Lynda, yes, we were in the new terminal B. The wooden rocking chairs are the bomb, but not really so sure about those transport van/bus thingies. Kinda freaky, if you ask me.
    Astrid, yea, he's pretty cute!
    AG, ha! A fence, pretty funny!
    Akannie, what can I say?? Indeed.

  9. He IS very handsome! What I like best is the look in his eyes as he looks at you taking the picture!