Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mama and Baby

My sister loves animals. In fact, all animals would be welcome in her life if she had the room. Unfortunately, she doesn't have space for all of the world's creatures. But that doesn't stop her from finding happy homes for wayward creatures that happen to cross her path. I received a phone call from her recently with the news that she had a displaced hen, and could I provide food, clothing, shelter, and education for this little girl? Of course, nothing is quite so easy as that! It turned out that the little hen had an egg she was sitting on, and unbeknown to my sister, had hatched probably a day before they caught the hen. Which, by the way, was a circus in itself. It was dark, the little hen didn't want to leave the freedom she was enjoying, was worried about her baby, then the baby chick got stepped on. All that happened before they could be moved to the dog crate into the back of Linda's car. Oh, do you know how much a little hen can poop in 20 minutes? Enough to stink up the car by the time she got to me.
Anyway, everybody is happy now; the little hen, her baby, my sister, and me. Here they are, their first family photo, just chillin', mama and baby.

And here's the little baby, doing just fine. Luckily, there seems to be no permanent damage from being stepped on. We are all hoping it's a girl. Still haven't figured that one out yet, since home hatched chicks never come with pink or blue ribbons.


  1. What is one more hen... and a baby. You are so sweet to help out.
    Sure glad the chick didn't get badly hurt. It's a cute one.

  2. Aw, glad the little one survived the encounter!

  3. farmlady, that's what I thought! What's just one more? Well, two more.....
    Prarie Cat, I can't even begin to tell you how worried my sister was! It made her day the first few days to hear that the little chick was doing well.

  4. I'm so glad it was a happy ending!

  5. They are both so cute! Congrats!

  6. A gorgeous family portrait !!

    You sound like me...people call and say--"Can you??" "Will you?"

  7. Plus it helped that the hen was a guaranteed layer!!!!

    Thanks for rescuing the family. And yes, my car still smells.

  8. Lovely family photo! How can we not help out?! If it had been up to me, our house had been a zoo! :)

  9. Cute! Love your can start your own farm fresh egg stand! :-)

  10. Glad the chick is okay! She (hopefully) looks to be perfectly happy now. :)

  11. Robin, me too!
    Country Life, I just love the little cute stage, right before the awkward teenage chicken look!
    Akannie, I am not surprised that you say that, it just seems you would be the type to give homes to lots of little creatures!
    Linda, that was a plus, huh? Remind me and I'll send you some eggs. :)
    Astrid, I agree. Hey, you could call your place, "The Island Zoo!"
    Becca, with this nice weather, the older hens have started laying on a regular basis.
    Lori, I'm really hoping this little one is a girl!

  12. Oh what a wonderful way to end. Lovely pics.

  13. They are so cute! Glad the baby chick is ok.