Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where Did Spring Go?

I was getting settled in my computer chair, thinking of all the things I have been doing, getting my thoughts together to post about them, and my hands were freezing! Not that freezing hands are anything new for me, actually, they are pretty much constantly cold. But this afternoon, they were freezing! So I built a fire.

And now, while I'm waiting to get warm, would you like to know what I did this weekend? I took Hubby's commute car (even though it was a little dirty) and headed out of town for the day. My plan was to go to the Farmer's Market, my very favorite knitting/yarn shop, and next maybe next find a pair of jeans, and then grocery shopping. Farmer's Market.....too many people, no parking, so I ditched that one. I decided that with my garden producing, I didn't really need anything all that bad. Besides, that made more time I could spend at the yarn shop! I bought two very pretty, very girly, very purple, very "socky" yarns. They're way cool, and I am excited to get my first pair of socks done so I can start on these. I just hope they fit! Uhhh, anyway, then I was headed to Target, and guess what I saw?????

Oh, my! Who doesn't love firefighters? AND.....I had a dirty car! AND......they were having it in the Target parking lot! It was meant to be! So I pulled in, and dropped my car off, and off I went! Of course, I came back to a very clean car, but they were pretty busy, so I just waited a bit, you know, so I wouldn't interupt anything. Like this.......

Or this.......

That got me to thinking. What is it about firefighters? And do they know how cute they are???


  1. What a lovely fireplace! That is something I miss! A fireplace is not needed here, not cold enough. And you got your car washed by such cute guys! :)

  2. Firemen aren't cute....they are hot!