Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is It Even Possible?

I love to garden. And not just that, but I love to cook. They sort of go hand in hand. Because of that, we have a ritual here on the weekends. Either on Saturday or Sunday, I will make some sort of scramble with whatever is in the garden. I'll throw in some cheese, a few eggs, and then make some toast. If we have fruit, I'll put that on the side of the plate also. That's all great, right? It's healthy, filling, and it's something I'm good at. But here's the kicker. I've been cooking for a long time......for lots of big eaters. I learned to cook 30 years ago for a family of 5, and for the last almost 20 years, I've been cooking for boys. Boys eat alot. So what I'm trying to get at, is I haven't cooked for only one or two people for ..... ever! The breakfasts I cook now on the weekends are usually just for hubby and I, since David is normally doing his own thing. So now, I really don't want to relearn how to cook. I'm comfortable and, well, maybe a little lazy. Maybe. Oh, I've tried to scale down, just this one meal for now. But look at this. This is my breakfast after I've worked on it for about 10 minutes!

I try to start with a smaller amount of veggies. I'm only using 2 eggs each, and just a smidgen of cheese, but the whole thing seems to grow when I turn my back. What gives? Should I be trying harder? Is it really possible to cook a small amount? Should I learn to eat leftover "garden scramble?" Maybe the dogs should get a weekend treat? I'm still mulling over the whole thing.


  1. But if it is mostly veggies and two eggs how can that be bad? If you are worried, cut out the yolks ans it is lean protein and veggies, and the cheese, well, I love cheese so no worries there..hey I want a treat from where you are or wine works for!

  2. I lived alone for a couple of years, and it was impossible to make food for one only! I was always left with leftovers. Good in a way because I didn't have to cook the next day, but when I had to eat the same for 3 days!!! :((( Limits! It's not easy, I know! The breakfast looks yummy though!