Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things Are Hopping!

Gardening is pretty simple, really. This.......

Plus this.......

And some of these.......

Add up to this!

I have lots of new raised beds. I helped put them up by holding the sides while hubby pounded them in the ground. It's just one of the many services I provide. I've hauled dirt, compost, and manure, and last night, I finished filling in the beds. This is a list of things I have planted: zucchini, yellow straight neck squash, scalloped squash mix, 4 different kinds of peppers, 6 different kinds of tomatoes, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon and small, funky gourds. I still need to plant the cucumbers and beans, and more garlic. But now, I have some leftover tomato and squash plants. If I listen to my husband, I will take the plants to school and give them away. I don't always listen to my husband, though! Besides, I have people that will take the extra. Yes, that's right, I have friends! And, my eldest just told me I should let some of the zucchini get big, because they taste really good with pasta sauce, cheese, and shrimp, all wrapped up and barbecued. So maybe 4 zucchini plants isn't enough!

Anyway, I've been very busy taking care of my garden, putting in new stuff. We are waiting on an order to come for drip emitters to finish the first phase of the watering. Second phase will be to dig PVC pipe to each bed, put risers and a hose bib on, then a timer on each. That should be done within a month or so. Third phase will be to connect to electricity and put all of the garden on timers, without batteries! Oh, my goodness, but that won't be done for awhile. As in, maybe 5 years or more.

I'm counting down the days until the end of school so I can stay home and work here. 29 days to go! Wahoo!


  1. Oooops!! Sorry for the confusion. I'm still learning.

    Becca, funny you should mention..... but I heard a rumor that I might be getting a couple rabbits from my niece Megan. She had 3 for a fair project, and then their family dog got past a 6 foot fence and a rabbit cage. She doesn't have 3 rabbits anymore. Will keep you updated on that.

  2. That's going to be a gorgeous harvest, Lori!

  3. Boy, I sure hope so! I'm really looking forward to the summer harvest.