Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lawn Boy!

I have a lawn boy. He usually mows once every few weeks. Here he is, mowing in front of the newest hill.

He finished the front of the hill, now he's moved on to the backside of the new hill. Oh, he's pretty fast!

Looks like the hill and the rest of the North side is done, and now he's going to the South side of our not-yet-finished cross fence. That's what will keep my goats in the front part of the property. Uh, that is, when I get goats. They're imaginary now.

He's gotten pretty good, so now it doesn't take him that long, usually less than an hour. Unless he spends lots of time under the deck, untangling what he ran over! I guess that's what he gets paid the big bucks for.


  1. Ha! I am usually the one who runs over things...then my lawn boy has to untangle it. He likes it better when I stay off the mower.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Look forward to reading more of yours.


  2. Lawn boy? Is the cabana boy coming soon? Or will he become shepherd to your goats? lol!

  3. Lawn boy? Cabana boy? How about the pool boy?

    My lawn boy is a 12-year-old grandson, who mows the back yard once a week so I can get the clippings, and he can earn some money. Mr. Granny still uses the riding (mulching) mower in the tiny front yard. Makes him feel useful ;-)

  4. Lucky you having a lawn boy! I have to be my own lawn girl! :)) We don't have a big lawn though, it is manageable for me.

  5. Lorie, Smart--Real smart!!! You're welcome.

    Becca, Yeah, I can just see Geoff as my shepherd boy. I'm still trying to convince him we need milk goats. Not being very successful. Cabana boy, though......

    Granny, I might have to work on getting a pool, then I could keep the Hubby really busy taking care of me in the manner which I would like to become accustomed.

    Astrid, having to be your own lawn girl would really cut into your quilting time!


  6. Hi there, update how you are doing when life slows down..