Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's for Dinner Tonight?

I've been visiting here at a hospital, and some of the patients have mentioned there's alot of turkey served at meal time. Turkey meat is healthy! It has less fat than beef. It's very versatile, and it tastes good! Hmmmm, but perhaps that's not the only reason???? Look what was crossing the road right in front of my car this morning! I stopped and waited while they walked on by. Whoever said beef is what's for dinner, hasn't spent much time here!


  1. We've had a population explosion of turkeys around here. And sometimes, given the price in the store, it's a wee bit tempting.......

  2. Did ya get 'em? Huh? Huh?

    Like Sue, we've seen alot more than usual also. Maybe more on the dinner table this year as well.

  3. Yum, dinner. Did you swerve?

  4. Sue, I had no idea they were that prevalent. Learn something new every day!
    APG, Ha ha! Hubby says the season is closed. But, if I hit one with the car during the season, would my drivers license count instead of a hunting license, since I wouldn't technically be hunting???
    Becca, :)
    Lorie, I'm cracking up! Yes, besides, I was too busy to pluck one.

  5. You didn't catch one for dinner?! :))