Friday, September 9, 2011

One of My Favorite Places

I was looking through some pictures of mine, and I thought you might like to see, too! This is a family ranch, where we sometimes go on vacation. We camp, work, and putter. The guys hunt, and I cook. Oh, do I cook! The evenings are cool, and I have a real stove and oven. It's pretty cool. Anyway, last year, Michael and I went up for a long weekend. Michael is our oldest, and he and I had a few things to do. I took the camera, and shot a few pictures. This first one is on the road up to our camp. It's one of the fields next to a fallen down shed. It was made of hand hewn lumber. So cool.

This is the meadow that our camp looks out on. This is seriously cool. Prettiest place on earth. Just ask me. I'll tell you!!

And here's my boy! Kicking back in camp, after a hard day's work.


  1. It's so pretty there--I don't think I could bear to leave (unless there was BEARS there-haha!)
    Is the boy reading A BOOK?? How did you manage that? Mine never touched one-and I spent YEARS reading to him as a youngster.......

  2. Give me a cup of coffee and a morning sunrise there and I may never leave! Awesome!

  3. Lovely place. I would loose myself in nature and stillness like that!

  4. Funny, but I share a special memory of some acreage out there. It has been too long since we have been up there!

  5. What a great place to escape to. Special time with son is not bad either. ;)

  6. Sue, as far as I know, there are no bears there. Anymore, at least. Probably many lived there 150 years ago, but not now. As for the book, both my boys are readers. I'm very happy!
    APG, you see that green enamel cup on the chair?? He's got coffee in that!
    Elzaan, it's a great place to get lost in.
    Becca, yeah, special memories. Special place.
    Lorie, it was a great escape. I really enjoyed the weekend up and back, we had an awesome time just the two of us. He's a cool kid. I think I'll keep him!

  7. Nothing better than getting away to the mountains and meadows...having a buddy go is way cool, too...especially a son.

  8. Lovely place, it reminds me of my childhood farm.... sigh!

  9. How beautiful. It looks like it's getting a bit cold there in California too. You must really enjoy Michael. It sounds like you two have a special relationship.

  10. Hi Lori-- Are you near Shasta>?

    (Trying to guess from the landscape) lol I lived in Clearlake and then Arcata for years and years....

  11. Lynda, So true! It was a great weekend, and I really enjoyed spending time with my son.
    Astrid, Ahh, memories! So sweet.
    Jody, It was a nice change from our valley heat. You are right, Michael and I have a great relationship. He's such an awesome kid.
    Akannie, these pics were taken north of Bend, Or. Alot like the high desert north of Shasta, come to think of it! I take part in a girl's weekend each year in Clearlake. It's in January, though, so we miss all the crazy tourist types. Beautiful place!