Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

Ahhh, it's almost Fall. The garden is winding down, the cucumbers, beans, squash and tomatoes are pretty much toast. Not to worry, though, as now my thoughts turn to a winter garden. At least, when I am thinking about gardening, and not about something else. Or working. Like, at work. Yes, I have gone back to work. School has started, and my summer vacation is over. We have a few new students, and my heart is melting all over again as I am getting to know them. But I digress. I want to tell you that Poster Girl, my wayward hen, has been taking too much time to get in the pen each morning. Soooo, Hubby and I caught her, which is a whole story in itself. Here she is, after being caught, now quiet and happy. Yes, I know she is upside down, but for some reason chickens don't mind that, and it is the kindest, gentlest way of transporting said chicken from outside the pen to inside, where we cut the main feathers on one wing. It doesn't hurt her, and will put her way off balance when she tries to fly, so because of that, she will stay in the pen.

That was one of the things I really wanted to get done over the 3 day weekend. Yea, I know. I'm an overachiever! I also picked what was left in the garden. Check out my tomatoes!

I made one trip to the patio with my first basket of goodies, turned my back, and this is what happened!

The little thief! He loves tomatoes, and I really have to watch him when I let him in the garden, or he will sneak one right after another. I guess it wouldn't be so bad, but do you think he has even offered to weed for me? Not a chance. The lazy toad just goes in and lays down. Lucky for me I was able to pick enough tomatoes to do something with. I spend Sunday afternoon canning them, and ended up with 21 quarts. Now I get to find room in the pantry for them.

Now, I don't want you to think that I did nothing but work all weekend. Actually, quite the opposite. I took a nap one day, slept in another day, went shopping with my friend on Monday, and generally had a slow, restful weekend. Hey, the dog and I took a walk into the trees, and saw our neighbor's cows. They were enjoying the weekend, too! Well, every day is a weekend for a cow, huh? They kept looking at us. I guess we were quite popular with them, because this picture makes me feel like, "The Cow Whisperer." Ever wonder what goes through a cow's mind?

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  1. I like your weekend.

    made pasta sauce to freeze...
    stew to freeze...
    homemade cornbread!