Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Poster Girl
May 2004-Sept. 2009
May she rest in peace

Poster Girl, hatched in May of 2004, was adopted by Geoff, Lori, and boys at the young age of 1 day old, along with her 24 sisters. Although her given name was Hen-Rietta, everyone called her Poster Girl. She passed away at home Monday due to natural causes. Poster Girl lived a life of patience, love, and devotion to her friends and family. She was a candystriper as a teen, and in her later adulthood, spent many hours volunteering at the local hospital. She loved the outdoors, often finding ways to venture out on her own, even later in life. Poster Girl is preceded in death by 22 sisters, her mother, Henna, and her father, Henley. She is survived by two sisters, her chickhood tweetheart, Stanley, and 14 chicks. Poster Girl was laid to rest in a private ceremony earlier this afternoon. The family requests donations may be made to The Hen and Chicks Society for Wayward Cluckers.

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  1. Good morning. You do have a way with words. I hope that Postergirl is happy in the hereafter!