Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ahhh, Field Trips!

I LOVE fieldtrips. Yes, I know how much work they are. Yes, I know how much extra time we spend with paperwork, and scheduling. I know there's alot of extra time spent making sure we have everything we need, from the right lunches, and loading the ice chest, and getting the "just in case" stuff, like the first aid kits, and gloves, and things to keep the kids busy in the car, and.....and......and. But really, folks, Field Trips!! If you have never accompanied a group of kids to a place outside of the daily learning environment, you have not yet lived. It's one of the things you should do. Like, put it on your bucket list. I insist. Humor me. You won't regret it.
Why am I saying all this? Thank you for asking! Friday we took a field trip to the local pumpkin patch. I brought along my trusty camera, and then gave it to one of our wonderful, lovely, patient, amazing teacher's aid. My only instructions to her? Have fun! She took a photo class last year, and I knew she likes this kind of thing. She got some really cute pictures.

We saw animals in the petting zoo. Here's a little goat looking back at us.

And we saw scarecrows.......

And more scarecrows.........

We saw pumpkins. We saw lots and lots of pumpkins! These in the picture are really, really big. We also saw some teeny, tiny ones.

There was a train ride that we all went on. It was the highlight of the trip! It went all around the pumpkin farm, and we got to take a quick little tour of the whole place, from the comfort of our seats!

And we weren't the only ones with this great idea. There were lots of other kids that were able to visit the pumpkin farm. This is where everybody got to pick out their very own pumpkin. Believe me, there were tons to choose from. There was everything from little round ones, to tall skinny ones, and everything in between. There were orange ones, there were green ones, and there were lots that were a combination of the two.

All in all, we had a great time. We will help the kids carve the pumpkins in the next few weeks, and we'll make toasted pumpkin seeds from what they take out of the insides. There will probably be some pumpkin bread, or pumpkin cookies for snacks this month. Going to the pumpkin farm is the first all day field trip we take as a class. What a great way to start off the school year! I think we all will be looking forward to another trip next year.

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  1. That looks like a very fun and informative trip! And the pictures are amazing!