Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Did I Catch?

I was excited this morning to go out and see what I caught. I even woke up early, and thought I might go out to see. Ohh, I should get a life, huh?? Anyway, I decided that maybe it would be better to wait, since the sun wasn't up yet, and the creature I am trying to catch is nocturnal. Although, if I am honest, it was mostly because the sun wasn't up yet, and it's Sunday, and my bed was really warm. But my excuse, at least at the time, was because it was still not light enough, and there was enough night left to catch something. So I went back to bed. And back to sleep. Well, I went back to sleep as soon as the dog figured out it is Sunday and I was sleeping in. But anyway, when I finally got up, I went out and this is what I found:

Nada. Bumpkis. Nothing. Zilch. Failure. My trap was a big, fat, zero. It looked the same as when I left it last night, except, of course, last night it was alot darker than this morning. So, what to do now? I let Speedy out of the dog crate, where I had locked him up last night so he wouldn't get into the trap. Of all the cats we have, he's the only one that needs to be protected from himself. Why is that? Anyway, I went to get Speedy, and then followed him to the chicken pen, and the trap. And, then, this is what he did:

I'm not surprised. Nobody is. In fact, that is so not surprising, that when I talked to Hubby about getting this trap, and setting it, that he told me "if" I happen to catch a cat, which what he really meant was, when I caught Speedy, to put him, cage and all, in the shade and let him stay caught for a few hours so he doesn't like the cage, and will stay out in the future. So, that's what I decided to do. I let him eat more of the food:

Pretty soon, the thing will trip and he will be caught inside.

Soon. Very soon. It can't be too much longer now.......

Ok, we're down to the last of the food..... he's licking the bottom........ it's going to close........ anytime.......

Uhhhh, yeah. Right.

Can you believe this? He backed up, nice as could be, right after he ate all of the food. Then came over to me. The little turd!

So now, this is what the trap looks like. I think I might need to rethink this whole thing...........


  1. My husband thinks that this is one very talented cat! Maybe an America's Funniest Video candidate!

  2. We are in Maine now. Hotel stinks. Moving tomorrow, this place, which we usually stay at smells like smoke and it is giving Mitch a bad headache.