Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mrs. Murphy's Law

If something can go wrong, it will, when Mr. Murphy is out of town.

This has been what is going on:

Thursday afternoon: Go outside to find something killed one of my chickens. Get rid of carcass.
Friday afternoon: Pick up youngest from bus. Find out he definitely got my cold.
Friday night: 103 temp. Advil and fluids, and I keep a close eye on him. Make goodies for eldest child.
Saturday morning: Visit with eldest son and his friend. Drive to town for large live trap.
Sat. night: Set trap. Catch cat. Put cat in dog crate, reset and rebait trap.
Sat and Sun: Son's fever hovers between 100, to just under 102. Continue with Advil and fluids.
Sunday morning: Get up to find trap empty, food not eaten. Leave trap as is. Let cat out of crate. Catch cat. Release cat from trap after 4-5 hours.
Sunday night: Put cat in crate. Set trap.
Monday morning: Trap empty. Let cat out of crate.
Monday morning: Son's temp 103, go into work long enough until second wave of adults gets there, then split. Take child to Dr. Spend 3 hours in Dr. office, to find out he doesn't have strep, but will most likely test positive for Swine flu.
Monday afternoon: Drive home, drop child off, go back into town (closest town) to pick up Tamiflu perscription. Spend $85 on copay. Buy 5 gallons of apple juice. Ship books at Post Office for Hubby. Go home. Make bed, clean up kitchen, relax (Ha!)
Monday night: Go outside to set trap. Find different cat acting very weird. See big bloody poop/guts hanging out of rectum. Forget the trap. Get dog crate, wash it out, put blankets inside. Put sick cat in crate, call sister and cry. Sister meets me at 24 hr. vet. Spend evening with sister at vet, trying to decide whether or not to put cat down or do risky surgery for half wild cat.
Midnight: Sign paper to put cat down. Cry. Go home with dead cat. Cry. Let dogs out, check on sick child.
Tuesday morning, 1:30: Email Hubby. Go to bed.
Tuesday morning, 2:00: Get up with dog, go outside.
Tuesday morning, 6:30: Get up, take shower. Check on child. Tell him cat died. Go to work. Text oldest that cat died.
Tuesday afternoon: Go home. Check on child. Dig hole and bury cat.


  1. I hope that today is better for you.

  2. awww, sounds like you've had a ruff couple of days. hope your child gets to feeling better soon.