Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Day of Questions--

I don't know if I've ever had a sugar rush. Maybe I'm having one now. I made fudge from a recipe my sister gave me, and then caramel corn and sugared nuts, both from Buns in my oven website. They were all really good. Yes, I gave lots away, but still, this afternoon my head is swimming. Ever had a day when there were just so many questions running amuck in your head that nothing else made sense? Yeah, that's today. Want a tour? Here's just a few:

  • What sort of things do I need to get now, a few days ahead of time for my Thanksgiving dinner?
  • What can wait until the day before, when I'm off work?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Why doesn't the game of football make more sense?
  • Should I make cranberry sauce now or later?
  • Do I have everything for cranberry sauce?
  • How much Martinelli's is too much?
  • Is there really such a thing as too much Martinelli's?
  • How many different pies should I make?
  • How many people are coming to dinner?
  • When should I clean out my frig?
  • Should I even bother cleaning out my frig?
  • Why do golf balls have so many dimples? Are they all used when we buy them and the dimples are where the other people have hit them?
  • Maybe golf balls aren't pumped up enough. If so, how do I pump up golf balls?
  • How much wood can I put in the woodstove before I get run out by my men?

So many questions. Does anybody have answers to any of them?


  1. Ok smarty pants..
    1. I would begin stocking up so that you aren't in the mad rush with everyone else who forgot all the same things for Thanksgiving.
    2. Stuffing can wait, pies can wait, setting table can wait, thawing a turkey cannot.
    3. The sky was not blue here today.
    4. Because guys came up with it.
    5. Now, less stress later and it mellows out a bit as it sits in the fridge.
    6. I don't know, do you have everything for it?
    7. Never too much Martinelli's.
    8. See number 7.
    9. More than you think you will need, leftovers are always good!
    10. As many as can fit around the table and not fight each other for elbow room?
    11. Wednesday so you have room
    12. We have to do it, so do you, right of passage for Thanksgiving!
    13. I know this one...distance!
    14, They have dimples so that you think that they are smiling at you, when really they are laughing!
    15. When you fill it!

  2. you are so funny.
    I say just get done what every you have time for and don't sweat the other stuff about Thanksgiving, its should be all about being with family anyway.
    3. I have wandered why the sky is blue myself? If you find out let me know.
    4. I've tried to pay attention to football ... but, I just don't get it.
    11. don't worry about the frig.
    12. do you golf?
    13. don't put wood in the stove, let your man do that. :0)