Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Shopping With My Dad

I haven't left my house since two days before Thanksgiving. I didn't go shopping on Black Friday, and didn't go out Saturday or today. I have baked, cooked, washed countless batches of dirty dishes, fed the animals, started decorating the house for Christmas, and even done a little cleaning. I have visited with my family, had my dad, sister, niece, and nephew over for leftovers, but I have not left the house. It's been very nice; five (5) whole days, just here, not going anywhere. But tomorrow, it's back to normal. Even more than that, after work I will be taking my dad to Walmart to go Christmas shopping. It'll be great, just him, me, and a few hundred of our closest friends all at Walmart at the same time. A father-daughter bonding trip! I love my dad. He's the self-proclaimed, "Resident Curmudgeon." And he's right. He really is. He doesn't want to go Christmas shopping. Not with me, or anybody else. But I told him he could do this, and then softened the blow by telling him maybe he could take me out to dinner afterwards, or maybe before! He loves taking his kids out to dinner, and I knew he would agree to that! So tomorrow, after work, I'm driving to my dad's, and we are going Christmas shopping together, at Walmart. Maybe he will take advantage of the little scooter things they have there?


  1. Have a great time with your Dad shopping. I never went shopping with mine, never had the opportunity. I wish I had. :(

  2. Hve fun with him! I know that he is a really sweet ole curmudgeon!