Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Doin's In Poe-dunk-ville

Since the middle of June, there's been daily roadwork smack dab in the middle of town. First, it was supposed to be done by October 31st. But that came and went, and they were still working on the road. Then it was supposed to be done November 30th. But that came and went, and they were still working on the road. Now it is supposed to be done December 31st. I think that's more likely. Anyway, they've been working on the road. Like, on the main road. Through all three of the main intersections. Where all of our stoplights are. For a long time my little town has had just three (3) stoplights. It suits me. I'm a small town country girl, and I like having only three stoplights. It's very easy to get around when you live in a town with only three stoplights. I can get from one end of town to the other in just a few minutes. But things can't stay the same forever, and my little town is growing. Yes, we are on the verge of getting another set of lights. I took this picture of the intersection where it is going. This is looking to the left. Ouch.

The state highway runs right through the middle of town, and what was 2 lanes each way 5 months ago is now 1 lane each way. I've been doing pretty good at staying away from the middle of town. But in just a few short weeks, it will all be worth it. We'll have a pretty, brand new, much safer, easy to get around, main thoroughfare through town. And it will be wonderful.


  1. New is good, but sometimes old is good too! I am glad that they are wrapping it up! Email me and tell me what you got!! Yes I am nosy! But you have to love me anyway!

  2. I would be looking for a short cut by going around the little town! Know what you mean though I live in a small town too and when you get a traffic jam it is like "what is going on to my routine"

  3. Hope they finish the road work soon! & Hope you Have a Wonderful Blessed Christmas!