Sunday, December 27, 2009

Look what was plugging up the filter!

Today, we took a walk out back by our pond. The pump sounded funny, and there wasn't much water going over the rock into the pond. Hubby decided to investigate. It had been awhile since the pre-filter basket had been cleaned out, and with the leaves and tree gunk, it couldn't hurt to empty it. He opened it up, and guess what he found??? This big guy, and a little friend, (both very much alive and well) inside the basket, clogging up the flow. How he fit underneath the cover, and then into the pipe that leads to the trap, we haven't yet figured out. He's way bigger than anything else that has ever gone through. I'm just glad he didn't get stuck halfway!


  1. Too Funny! I bet he and his little friend are so happy to get out.

  2. Silly frogs! Wonder what they wanted to investigate?! LOL! We have frogs in the garden, I love having them around. :)

  3. Mitch came home at noon and it started snowing right after. It is slicker than all get out and tonight's traffic is a mess. Good thing we are home.