Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Just when the weather begins to get really chilly, and the holidays are in full swing, the gardening catalogs start arriving. It's so nice to just sit next to the fire and thumb through the pages, but I was good and made myself set them aside until: 1) after I finished the Christmas stuff, and 2) I finally finished planting the bulbs I got two months ago.
So now, I can sit and look at the seed catalogs, with no guilt whatsoever! I'm checking what I have leftover from last year, and what I need to reorder. Oh, I love this time of year! So much promise! Anything is possible! The table is covered with seed catalogs, and my thoughts are on sunny days, getting up and out of the house to work barefoot in the yard. I try not to go overboard when I order. I tell myself to think what can I realistically take care of, and where I will put them all, but it's hard! I want everything! So many yummy veggies, to say nothing of the really cool and funky gourds, and this flower that looks like a brain. I really want that one. Want to know what's on my list so far? Sunflowers, pole beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, sugar peas (the flat kind), and I think I'll try potatoes this year. I haven't done those before, and decided to give them a whirl. The rest of the seeds I will plant are leftover. Unless I decide to get more seeds. That's always possible. Yea, that's pretty much likely.


  1. We got the Burpee seed catalog, but we are waiting to see if we are going to be moving before we do anything.

  2. I love seed catalogs! I will look at them over and over. Have fun!