Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Mail Lady

Our mail lady is really sweet. Not only is she really sweet, but she is about 65 years old. I'm just guessing, it's not like we discuss how old we are or anything like that, but she's not young. Anyway, our mailbox is not at our house. It's down the road a ways, and we just stop on our way home, or walk down there on weekends. When we get something too big to fit in the mailbox, she brings it to the house and either gives it to us, or leaves it on the porch. Yesterday afternoon, David, our youngest, walked down to the mailbox. He did this because he spends his days thinking of ways to make our lives as easy as possible. He was also waiting for a package he had ordered. He came back with the mail and one of those tan papers that says there's something the mail lady couldn't deliver, and I can pick it up at the post office. But we were here! What gives? She didn't drive in! What am I, some normal, regular person on some normal, regular route?? I read the note. It says, "Very heavy! Bring a man :)"


  1. Very heavy, bring a man...hmmm what is it?

  2. Hubby says a really big box of lots and lots of books. Definitely too big for our little mail lady. But really, a man?? Don't we live in the 21st century??? Won't a wheeled-dolly-thingy do? I could just throw that in the back of the truck. Might be bad if I do that to one of my men.

  3. Oh, I would be in trouble! .... I say, bring the wheely-dolly-thing!