Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ahhhh, Heaven!

Dozer loves retrieving. It's what he lives for. Well, that and something in his food bowl. But retrieving is right up there. Lately it's been so wet outside that he's had to settle for bringing back his stuffed bear inside the house. Not the best, but better than nothing. This afternoon, I figured it had dried out enough to throw his bumper for him. He was so happy.

I think he's smiling!

And so it went.... I'd throw his bumper a bunch, then make him rest. Then I'd throw it some more, and make him rest again. He had a great time. Perfect timing, too! This is what the sky looked like after I'd been home about an hour! Shortly afterward, it started raining..... again.


  1. You and I shared the same sky yesterday. I watched that weird looking black cloud come over the coastal mountains...then the foothills next to my ranch...over my garden (dropped a bit of hail) then it scooted over to the Sutter Buttes and then the Sierras...too cold for me. Even had frost this a.m. I'm worried I'll never be warm again!

  2. You are having our weather. We are having a little sunshine today, but it is back to rain again this weekend. I hope spring shows up for good soon!

  3. Do we humans ever enjoy things that are so simple and pure as dogs do? Doesn't take much to make them happy. I'll bet Dozer was happy.

  4. Lynda, it HAS been cold. We didn't get any hail or frost, but I was worried we were going to lose power last night with the thunder and lightning. Just think, in a few months, we'll be in the midst of 100 degree weather!

    Becca, this year has really been fickle, hasn't it?? I'm waiting for Spring too.

    Mama Pea, when I throw Dozer's bumper for him, it makes life's problems just melt away. A great stress reliever, let me tell you! Dozer was in heaven when he was chasing and bringing me his bumper, but last night he was a little sore. He runs so hard outside that he does somersaults and then has to get up. Kinda plays havoc on the old muscles!

  5. Dogs love it, don't they! We have two dogs, one loves to run after stones or whatever I throw, the other one.... BIL's dog next door is the best one, he brings back to me what I throw and want me to throw it again, and again. :) He (the dog) has found a way to catch me; 'help' me in the garden, and then he knows I will throw something trying to get rid of him - lol. Dogs! :))

  6. Astrid, I just love dogs! I can't imagine life without one. My Dozer loves to help in the garden, too! Just tonight he was watching to make sure I was picking the peas correctly, and just hoping I had previously missed some, so then I give him those. He also likes to drink out of the hose, instead of the bowl I fill for him in the garden. Fresher probably. Who could blame him??