Saturday, July 9, 2011

My (Very Organized) Sewing Basket

Today, I put together a quick take-along project, and needed a few things I thought were in my sewing basket. After shuffling through the all the stuff I had squirreled away, I finally found what I was looking for. But before then? What a mess! Just look at it!

This is what I found........ the case I keep my rotary cutter and machine quilting stuff in. Not too bad, huh?? Those white quilting gloves were lost for about a month. Then my niece returned them. I had loaned them to her while she was finishing a quilt. I really like them. Good thing for me she's very honest!!

A cookbook. My sewing basket is the perfect place for a cookbook. I would hate to think it was on a shelf somewhere, mixed in with other cookbooks.

Needles and safety pins. That makes sense!

Uhhhhh, I don't even remember why this one is in my basket. It's a ratchet strap for cinching down things in the back of our truck. They're great for just about everything, but I can't see that they would be good for sewing.

And of course, the ever-present odds and ends in the bottom. There's an incredibly tiny pink knitted hat with a cute pom-pom, eye drops that have never been used, lots of thread, pens, pencils, fabric, a cardboard quilting template, and a paintbrush. Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this. Please???


  1. When I started quilting, I wasn't organized at all, because I didn't have space enough. After we moved in to our new home and I settled in the sewing room, I purchased quite some plastic containers, which do wonders! An idea? :)

  2. I don't sew--but I have a box for gardening that has quite a few things in it VERY NOT-gardening related. I guess we think we'll put it where it belongs TOMORROW.............

  3. HA! I had two sewing projects this past week or so. After having things collect dust for a while, I had to go thru everything just to know what was what! So nope, you are not alone in this!

  4. Whenever I want to take a project somewhere with me, I grab a basket and toss in what I'll need. Then when returning home I just drop the basket in my quilt studio. I usually end up with about 5-6 baskets and every now and then I sort them all out and you'd be surprised what I find . . . that I thought I'd lost, must have loaned out or a quilt burglar came in and stole!!

  5. Astrid, I have lots of small and large tubs to hold fabric. Yes, they're great! They're stashed all over the bedroom, closet, and even one in the laundry room. I hate to think what my sewing stuff would look like without them.

    Sue, it's a comforting feeling knowing that I can always put something away tomorrow!

    APG, would you believe I am waiting to find fabric I set aside for the binding of a round robin? I spent the better part of an afternoon looking..... searching..... still haven't found it. Grrr.

    Mama Pea, Great idea! I have pretty much stuck with this one basket, and seldom clean it out. Although, I've started a few bags in the last 2 weeks for books, magazines, and the one hand project. Hopefully they won't get really unorganized!

  6. Haven't seen a post for awhile. Just checking to see if all is well. My Farmers Market is up and running. Come on by if you have time. We're downtown Colusa on the corner of 10th and Market Street. I'm the gal selling mushrooms!

  7. I have that cookbook to....somewhere..... :)