Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Dismount A Horse

We have some friends that live right under the flight path of the local Air Force base. Each year during the air show, our friends put on a major soiree and invite all their friends and family. It's quite the big doin's! It's also lots of fun. Anyway, when we were waiting for the planes to show up, a few of the kids kept busy by riding the horses. I thought maybe you'd like to see how these folks can dismount. Pretty cool!!

First, Michelle showed the kids how it's done. See her daughter right behind her? "Don't worry Mom, I've got your back!"

Uhhh, Step 1: Sit sideways and hitch up your britches!

Then, you simply grab both the front and back of the saddle, lean over backwards, look at the ground, flip your feet over your head and...........

land on the ground!! Yeah, I was quite happy to just take pictures.

So then, Michelle had her first victim, um, I mean student. "Hop on up, my young padewan learner!"

"Uh, Mom, are you sure about this??"

"Don't worry, I've got your back.... " Scooch forward..... hang on........

And, lean back.......

Like, waaaay back!!

Look at the ground, girlfriend!!!

Feet up.......

Flip those feet!

and over!!!!

Dismount!! A perfect 10, wouldn't you say??

Then, not to be outdone by the girls.....

Look at that smile, folks! He's on top of the world.... well, ok, he's on top of a horse, but you know what I mean!

He knows what to do. Sit sideways, scooch forward, grab both sides........

"Uhhh, Mom? Hello? You there???"

Yeah, ok. Lean waaaaay back!

Hang on!! Legs up!! Look at the ground!!

And then??? Aggghhhh!! I ran out of space on my card. Can you believe it??? But he did a great dismount! It was awesome!

P.S. Thank you, Red, for being the most patient, awesomest horse ever! And, not to forget the human, too! Kylee spent the better part of her "off time" that day with many kids, giving many rides. To say nothing of saddling and then unsaddling more than one critter. She was so patient, and so considerate of each and every person she took out. I think she made the day for more than just the kids.


  1. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to try that! You took the perfectly timed pictures!! Very funny!

    And what a beautiful horse! Good horsey too...

    Remember the bars in grade school we would swing and flip from? How on earth did we DO that??


  2. You did a great job photographing that series! Really funny! What a wonderful horse!

  3. No way that I would be brave enough to do that..

  4. APG, you know I haven't thought of those bars in years. Oh, how I LOVED them! Never broke a bone, but had lots of calluses to show for my time on them.

    Lynda, thanks! We had a blast that day, and I really enjoyed watching the horses, and what an awesome job Kylee did with the kids.

    Becca, yeah, girl, you and me both!!

  5. LOL! I don't think I had dared doing it at my age now, but it looks like lot of fun! Years ago I attended two horse riding courses, but felt it wasn't really 'me'. :)

  6. Astrid, I know what you mean! I'd probably fall flat on my back. I really like horses, so long as I'm not on top of them.

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