Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Trip ..........

Guess where I just got back from?? DisneyLand! Yes, I went to see Mickey and all his friends with my sister, niece and dad. We had a great time, but are happy to be back. I took a few pictures, not tons, but enough to satisfy myself. I thought you might like to see what sort of pictures this weird woman takes when she goes on a trip like this.

There were Mommy ducks.....
 And baby ducks!

This is one end of a small grove of birch trees that I really liked. 

Here was a massive eucalyptus tree up above where we were waiting for the train. The base of the trunk must have been at least 3' in diameter. It was obviously well cared for. Really made me rethink some of my huge trees here. I was just in love with this tree!

Lots of different grasses there. And why not?? They are beautiful, low maintenance, and drought tolerant.

Oh, and the fences. I really like this fence. Wood and wire. Sounds like a great cd, maybe George Winston, and perfect for a mellow afternoon.
So, there you have it. Just a snippet of the weird pictures I take. It was really nice to see landscaping on a large scale. Oh, I found out that they offer a two hour, guided botanical tour there, and was all set to sign up for it. Unfortunately, it is only on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday mornings, and we weren't there any of those times. I think it might be worth a special trip there, just for that, yes??? 


  1. You take the same kind of pictures I take!! Love them....especially the fence...I'm in the market for a fence upgrade and really like the one in your picture. Hope all is well with you...take care.

    1. Ha! Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one. Another fence on the same order as that one is in Chico, near downtown. I saw it when I went to the Thursday night market with a friend. If you are interested, I can find out where it is.

  2. Hi, Lori! Good to see a post from you.

    There are always many interesting things to see everywhere if we learn to look beyond the obvious! Glad to hear you had a nice trip/vacation.

    1. Yes, the more places I go the more I'm finding that there are all sorts of wonderful, interesting things that might have nothing to do with the obvious. So nice to find hidden treasures in our daily lives.

  3. I agree that we need to make sure that we go back and take the gardening tour!!! Let's go together, you and me!!!!