Sunday, August 1, 2010

Harvest Monday, August 2

It's Harvest Monday at Daphne's place! Another week has gone by, and I've picked the veggies, and watered, and pulled weeds, and enjoyed my garden every day. I love this time of year. This week the tomatoes have been the stars of the garden. They've produced enough for me to have tomatoes with every dinner, sometimes just cut up and eaten as is, and sometimes mixed with cucumbers and rice vinegar with a little salt and pepper. There were also enough tomatoes to try out a new chunky garden pasta sauce and can 9 quarts of that. I had just a little extra, and turned it into a quickie dinner with biscuits, pasta sauce, and cheese.

Pics for the week: Saturday morning, I was talking to my aunt on the phone picking grape tomatoes ... multi tasking! Here they are with just a few of the full sized Tye Dye tomatoes and a Steak Sandwich, along with the ever present zucchini.

Here's a few of the quart jars of pasta sauce I made. Pretty, aren't they??

I made a quick batch of salsa to have with dinner tonight. It was yummy!

And here's Dozer's Harvest. He's pretending he doesn't see it, because, even though he was snagged red handed, he was still trying to act all innocent-like. Can you tell he's looking at it out of the corner of his eye? Once I figured out it was a walnut and not a tomato, I told him, "Bon appetit!" That's his cue to eat whatever is in front of him. The tomatoes he picked were earlier in the week, and I was not able to get pictures of them.

Totals for the week:

Tomatoes............... 46 lbs
Squash ................. 7 lbs
Basil...................... 1 lbs
Peppers ................. 5 lbs
Chard ................... 2 lbs
Kale ..................... 1 lbs


  1. 46 pounds??? Wow!
    Great job!
    Go look at the blog tonight!

  2. That salsa looks delicious!

  3. Whoa, did I read that correctly? 46 pounds of tomatoes! Nice!!

  4. Becca,
    I know, 46 lbs!!! Thanks.

    We had the salsa with dinner, and there was some leftover. It was nice!

    Yeah, 46 lbs! I still can't believe it myself. I'm canning like crazy, and loving every minute of it. Hubby told me we'd have lots, and I didn't need that many, but I didn't listen to him.

  5. Holy moly, 46 lbs of tomatoes!

  6. Mitch says send a bunch of your sauce up with Gene or just send the tomatoes and we will have fun with them!

  7. Mac, this is the first year I've raised anything more than a quart or two of juice or whole tomatoes. I can't believe that I grew these!

    Becca, I don't know when Gene is going up. This sauce wasn't rocket science, but it took a full day to make, and then more time to can. Why don't you come here and pick some???? We don't have a guest room, but there's always a spot on the floor for you to crash on.

  8. Hi Lori, it looks like your tomato production is keeping you busy! Keith and I were trying to figure out what to do with our whopping 6 tomatoes last weekend. I have no idea what we would have done with 46 lbs of them. I might have to break down and learn the art of canning, if my garden ever became that productive! How many tomato plants do you have in your garden?

  9. Wow I could use that many tomatoes to make sauce. I have a pile on my counter, but I don't think it is enough yet to makes sauce with. Soon I hope.

  10. thyme, this is the first year ever that I've had enough to can as many as I would like. It's so cool!!! I think I planted somewhere around 40 plants. One died, and one whole bed has done practically nothing. Most of what I'm getting is from 3 beds, about 25-30 plants. And one very productive little grape tomato.

    Daphne, I've never made sauce before! Keep us updated if and when you do. It's probably much better than what I buy in the grocery store.

    Michelle, yeah, sweet!!

  11. This is Becca, Lori's sil..

    She is having computer connectivity issues, so I am filling in for her while she is away..oh while the mice are away, can we talk? ;-)

    Here are her totals as we talked on the phone today..

    32 pounds of far
    7 to 9 pounds of squash
    She got a CUCUMBER! About 8 inches
    Chard 5 pounds
    19 quarts of pasta sauce

    a cantaloupe the size of a softball and good!

    She had two salsa recipes and turned out as enchilada sauce..she is laughing as I typed it..

    5 quarts and 6 pints of enchilada sauce.

    Hope I have done her some justice..

    She will update when she comes back!