Monday, July 26, 2010

Harvest Monday, July 26

It's Harvest Monday again! I've had a pretty busy week, and not all of it was in the garden. But, since this is a harvest Monday post, I'll just stick to the garden stuff. The tomatoes have decided it's time to produce. I've been able to give away quite a few, in addition to canning some. There's more out on the vines that need to be picked now, so I'll can more later, when I stay home for a few days! There have been a steady stream of squash, but not so much that I am sick of them. I concocted a new squash recipe that we inhaled. I'm still working on the instructions for that one, so I'll expand on that in another post. Here's just a few of the things I picked:

The last of the plums came off the tree this week. They're so yummy, but we didn't have many on the tree to begin with, so I was sorry to see them go. I was able to can a few more batches.

This week's total was 23.99 lbs., bringing the month's total to just over 90 lbs. Woohoo!

Plums: 4 lbs
Tomatoes: 12.75 lbs
Squash: 3.75 lbs
Basil: 1.5 lbs
Chard: .75 lbs
Kale: 1.12 lbs
3 radishes: .12 lbs

Would you like to see what other gardeners are harvesting in their gardens? Go to Daphne's Dandelions and join in on the fun. Thanks, Daphne, for hosting this. I really enjoy it!


  1. Wow, makes my measly two jars of cherries, well, look,!

  2. I just love looking at all the canned fruits and veggies...they are lovely :)

  3. Love all the canned fruit pics! Nice! What do you make with the plums?

  4. Lori,

    Can you can cabbage? We are getting more than we can eat..

  5. Becca, Pat yourself on the back for your 2 jars of cherries! Haven't had any of those for years. We don't have a producing tree, and they are too expensive to buy to can. The only way I know of that you could can cabbage is saurcraute. (sp?) If you have enough freezer space, you could do a quick stir fry type to add later to stews or soups. It also keeps for what seems like forever in the frig. We love the chinese salad with ramen noodles.

    Robin, Thanks! I really like opening the door to my pantry and seeing lots and lots of jars I've canned. Makes me feel good.

    Meemsnyc, Thanks! I put the plums over applesauce. It's really good just plain, but hubby says he's going to start eating it over vanilla ice cream. I suppose you could add it into cakes or pies, but I haven't done that.

  6. Do you can peaches? Mitch bought a flat at the farmers market. And there is no way we are eating them all before next weekend. Cabbage can it vac pack and freeze? like blanch it?

  7. And your Christmas gift is coming along mighty nicely, thank you very much..heehee!

  8. Lori, you were busy having a life and your garden still grew well without you. What's your secret? :) I'm also envious of your canning abilities. I think your hubby has a good idea with canned plum over ice cream.

  9. I love photos of canned fruit too. They are so pretty. I can't wait until the fall when I have all my cans lined up. I don't can a ton of things, but I love the ones I do.

  10. Lori, I posted the salsa recipe. I hope that you enjoy it.

  11. That looks scrumptuous. I hope to be joining the many posters getting flooded in tomatoes soon. So far, we are on a slow tomato drip.

  12. Love the photo of your pantry and those plums look so good. I don't have anything to put up yet, maybe I get to can some tomatoes later.