Saturday, July 17, 2010

Harvest Monday, July 17

I'm putting this one up early because I'm going to be away from my garden, and computer, for a few days. I'm leaving. I'm leaving town. Actually, I'm leaving the whole state! My oldest son and I are going to visit relatives, and cut trees, and stack brush, and wander around the most beautiful country ever. I'll take pictures for you. Anyway, here's the lowdown on my harvest this week:

Plums! I picked more plums than we could eat. They are great canned, and my favorite way to eat them is cold over applesauce. I only had time for two batches, but hopefully I can get more done after I come back.

Basil..... boy, did I pick the basil! Lots and lots of basil. I made a double batch of pesto, and put it in the freezer. If it keeps producing like this, I will need to get one of those 55 gallon drum of olive oil from Sam's!

And tomatoes. This was the week for tomatoes. We had tomatoes just washed and cut up, we had tomatoes in sandwiches, we had tomatoes in omelets, and then I canned tomatoes. Please pretend there's a nice picture of jars of tomatoes on the counter. I thought I took a picture of them, but I guess I didn't. So now it's late, and I'm getting up early, and I don't want to take a picture. Please understand!

Week's total:

Plums, 13 lbs
Tomatoes, 24.75 lbs
Squash, 2 lbs
Basil, 2 lbs.
Peppers, 2 oz.


  1. That is a lot of tomatoes! And it’s still very early in tomato season, so there will be some nice photo opportunities, I’m sure.

  2. Now you know I want to see pics from your perspective of where you are going..hugs and safe travels!

  3. You and I both harvested a lot of basil this week! You crack me up with your 55-gallon olive oil comment. Keith also commented today that our pesto-making cost us a whole half bottle of our olive oil. Have a good trip!

  4. 13 lbs of plums?!

    I'm jealous!!!

  5. Wow, what an abundant harvest! I am a bit jealous of your plums. My plum tree is dropping its fruit before ripening it. At this rate I will not get any plums. I'm glad you got a lot from your tree.

  6. vrtlarica, I can't believe my tomatoes are so early! I've tried before, but have never been successful. I'm jazzed, to say the least!

    Becca, don't worry, they'll be coming!

    thyme, I couldn't believe how much olive oil I needed for such a small batch. Then I think of how oily the stuff is in the store, and I know it's ratio of basil to oil is not much. I like mine better.

    Fred, I know. Can you believe the tree doesn't have much this year?

    Angela, I love my plums. They were neglected for a few years, but they keep plugging along. They're awesome.

  7. What a great harvest so far Lori! We get imported plums here, which don't taste as good as plums straight from the trees. A sort of wild plums grow here, but they are rather small and not sold at any vegetable markets as far as I know...
    I love pesto! Didn't know it's possible to freeze it. Basil isn't that very common here either, but I've seen a few selling it at the market.