Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Weekend Eats---And More!!

Welcome thyme2garden and debiclegg! Thanks for joining my blog!

We sometimes have marathon cooking weekends. It's nice to have some chow put away for those nights I just don't feel like cooking. During the summer, there seems to be more of those than any other time of year. I get sidetracked outside, or visiting friends, or busy looking at the inside of my eyelids, or some other equally important activity. So, this weekend, hubby smoked meat. Boy, did he ever! He started the weekend with a turkey. Leftover from Thanksgiving, when turkey is cheap. (cheep?)

And then two full pork loins. I have discovered one of the fastest, simplest, yummiest dinners on earth. It involves a slice of smoked pork loin. And cheese. And a roll. And a barbecue. But I digress. That's a whole other post.

Here's two pork shoulders, beginning their yummy journey.

Those two pork shoulders will magically turn into pulled pork, after about 9 hours of smoking. Oh, I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this stuff is!

Here's last night's dinner of smoked turkey, green beans with bacon, and tomatoes from the garden. It was yummy!

And tonight's dinner? Pulled pork, more green beans with pesto, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Yeah, we're eating pretty good. I'm getting full all over again!


  1. Oh yum! Looks good from here!

  2. All that yummy food! I can smell it! lol! :)) Since hubby doesn't eat beef or pork, it is limited what I can make. I find it boring to make anything meat just for me... I eat pork for Christmas, that's a tradition and a "must"! :))