Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Girls' Sewing Weekend!

Tomorrow I leave for our annual sewing weekend. A whole weekend spent sewing, talking, watching movies, and eating chocolate. My sister, niece, and I will be meeting one other woman at, "The Cabin," which isn't really a cabin. It's more like a house. A really nice house. It belongs to the family of my sister's college roommate. There, we will spend a long weekend not worrying about much of anything except when we should start fixing dinner, or which project to start on first. Since we'll be quite a long distance from any quilt store, we need to plan ahead and take any and all necessary items. Here's my pile of stuff. See the pink bag? That's my clothes. Most everything else is my sewing stuff. Good thing we're taking Linda's car. It's bigger than mine!

I was going to work on the binding on my Round Robin, but I still can't find the extra fabric, so I'm taking enough to finish a few UFO's, and also the stuff to start a purse. And I tossed in my knitting for good measure. And some magazines and books. They'll be nice for sitting next to the fire first thing in the morning, drinking tea in my jammies and slippers. I don't know what everybody else is bringing. I'll be sure to take pictures and show you after I get back. For now, would you like to see a few from last year? Here's what the back of Linda's car looked like after we got it all loaded.We had things stuffed all over, including under Patricia's feet!

Here's the back of Jerilyn's car. Her back seat was empty! What's up with that??

And this is what it looked like after we got it all in the house. The sewing stuff just sort of sprawls all over the place.

Well, I'd better get back to a few things I started to do around here. I'm leaving in just over 24 hours! I wonder if we'll have enough chocolate? Maybe I should make some brownies. Or fudge. Or both??


  1. Have fun and enjoy the time! I can't wait to hear the stories!

  2. How fun. You will get a lot done I am sure with lots of laughs as well. Enjoy!

  3. Enjoy and have lots of fun. Hope you will get to do a lot of sewing. One can never have too much chocolate, so go and make those fudge and brownies!!!
    Drive savely.

  4. I think that you should make both and bring a nice red wine!! Nothing better then a little wine with your chocolate!

    Have a fun weekend!

  5. Enjoy yourself. It's not too often we gals get the chance to leave home and really have a weekend OFF!

  6. Oh I wish we could all pile in and go! Sewing weekends are the best! Have loads of fun!!