Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Sewing Weekend....Part 2

I'm back from my sewing weekend. We all had a great time..... once we got there. Want to hear the story??? Wellll, I left home late Friday afternoon, went to my sister's place, and loaded up all our stuff, which by the way, was tons! Then we drove to pick up my niece, Patricia, from school about an hour away. At her apartment, we talked a little, and then split. We walked out to the car, where we saw a really big, really wide, and very bad looking leak coming from under Linda's car. It was some sort of oil, and it was doing a really good job of leaking out quite fast, too! A few hours later, Linda and I were the relieved passengers with a very nice tow truck driver, headed back home.
Saturday morning, we loaded up my hubby's commute car, and started again. Hubby's car is much smaller than Linda's, so we had to ditch stuff. Lots of stuff. We were sad. We each left our backup sewing machine, and 3 tubs of sewing stuff. And still it all barely fit. But we were on our way! Here we are, loaded to the gills.

Good thing for Patricia she's not claustrophobic! We would've had to tie her on top if she was. That might have been a little chilly.

Linda had to hold a few things on her lap, we were so short on space. But she had Minnie Mouse to help her, so it was all ok.

The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was crystal clear, and we could see forever. We took a walk, and saw this really cool barge looking thing. I think it was for the neighbor who was replacing their dock.

Of course, we sewed. And we sewed. A few of us ripped, but don't worry, Linda, I'm not naming any names. We even finished a few things! Here's a purse Jerilyn made. And finished!

Here she is, working on a baby quilt.

Here's a purse I made. And finished! It's a little smaller than the pattern said to make, but that was due to my reading the instructions incorrectly. Still turned out cute, though.

Patricia started this snuggle quilt. It's made from silk shirts, believe it or not. She got pretty far, don't you think?

Here's a quilt Linda started. The fabric is called, "You Go, Girl!" It's all horsey. She loves horses. When we were little, she had it all figured out how she could keep a horse in the backyard. We didn't have a really big backyard, so unfortunately for Linda, she never got her horse in the backyard.

And here's another quilt she started from Girl Scout fabric. So cute! There's one with lots of cookies, all over!

All too soon, it was time to go home. We said our goodbyes, and started on our way. Coming out of the hills, this is what we saw! The fog was light enough to be easy to drive through, but heavy enough to be pretty. Come to find out, when we were having beautiful, sunny, warm weather, everybody back home was.... well..... not!


  1. That sounds like it was such a blast (well, aside from the car troubles!)
    And wow-that's a LOT of supplies!

  2. Sounds like a great trip, except for the car trouble! I love quilts. I'm working on several right now. I love Linda's "You Go, Girl " fabric. It's very cute!

  3. Yeah! I have been waiting to hear about this! Love sewing weekends...hate care troubles! You certainly did pack that car up good!

    And it looks like you guys got lots done. That is the best thing about those weekends. PJs, lots of sewing and tons of fun with the girls.

    I think poor Linda was framed! :o)

  4. Car troubles...hate car troubles! My bad :)

  5. Sue, we had an absolute blast, aside from the car troubles! Lots of supplies, sewing, movies, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate!

    Lena, quilting ROCKS! I can't wait for my sister to finish this quilt. It's adorable. Girls and their horses!

    APG, I was quite proud of my packing job. Although, almost forgot my clothes! Yeah, Linda has been having some serious car problems lately. Hey, glad to know I'm not the only one to make silly mistakes!! :)

  6. Actually I lucked out.........I have a horse loving daughter who lets me go and play with her and her riding instructor. Who sometimes gives me lessons and lets me "horse sit" when she is out of town. We joke that her horses have "staff" not an owner. We had so much fun and I want points for jump starting my local service economy. We had so much fun.

  7. What we lovely weekend you all had! Lots of lovely projects; love the cute bag you made - and finished! :) Wow, that quilt made of silk shirts - lovely!

  8. Glad you are home, going to be calling you tomorrow evening if you are around..

  9. Linda, ahh, girls and their horses! Glad you are doing your part to keep the economy going.

    Astrid, I was so jazzed to finish something! Wahoo!

    Becca, Yeah, as much fun as we had, there's no place like home. Talk to you later, then.

  10. So glad you had a great weekend, despite your start hampered by car trouble! You sure did take a lot of stuff for one weekend. But supplies are important. If you had run out of quilting supplies, you might have had to eat chocolate and visit all weekend. ;o) Quilt retreats kinda make me feel like a kid again with no adult responsibilities. Oh, if that feeling could only last!

  11. Looks like you all had a blast and a productive weekend as well. Thanks for sharing, Lori