Sunday, February 20, 2011

Harvest Monday - February 21, 2011

This is my first Harvest Monday of 2011! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the other Harvest Monday posts at Daphne's blog. She hosts a weekly post where we can link to our harvests each week. I enjoy seeing what other people are doing in their garden. It's great inspiration! Thanks, Daphne!

I cut myself some daffodils for the kitchen counter a few days ago, and they were so cheery during the rain this weekend! Nice smell, too.

Sunday I found ants in the chard, so after I sprayed them all with the hose, I decided a good trim was called for. I didn't stop with that, though. It was getting close to dinner, and the kale was looking good, so I cut some of that, too. Why stop there? I pinched off a few pieces of lettuce, and called it a day.

Lettuce-- .3 oz (ha!)
Kale --- 9.2 oz
Chard--13.1 oz


  1. What a lovely spring harvest of fresh greens and the most cheery of plants - daffodils! The late winter/early spring harvests of greens are always enjoyed so immensely as we are weary of the more carb dense winter menus and the taste of fresh harvested fare is so "bright" after alot of stored and preserved items.

  2. Wow you have daffodils already! Your flowers and greens look so much like spring.

  3. Boy, I bet those veggies tasted so so good!! Happy first harvest of 2011!!

  4. HAHA! I always find it funny how much lettuce it takes to make an ounce. :-) Looks wonderful. Nice daffodils.

  5. How lovely a harvest. I'm so looking forward to having my own lettuce and chard. It will be a while here before that happens though. Thanks for sharing you harvest with us. It gives me hope!

  6. Your spring season is SOOOO far ahead of us! But what a treat to at least see the picture of daffodils and spring greens. Yum!

  7. kitsapFG, I LOVE daffodils. They're my favorite flower, and perfect for the end of winter/first of spring. We're loving the fresh greens.

    Kitchen Gardener, the majority of my daffodils are under one of our shade trees by the driveway. I see them first thing when I drive home. Sweet!

    Robin, thanks! I love the beginning of harvest.

    Barbie, so true! So true!

    tempusflits, thank you! Funny, I always look at other gardening sites, and they give me hope, too!

    MP, yeah, I wouldn't want your snow. I love our spring, fall, and winter, but summer gets pretty hot. I do lots in the mornings, and am a total slug in the afternoons, then go at it again early evening after it cools off a little.

  8. Your daffy's are beautiful! I have a big bunch on my table today, too. We're lucky here in Northern California...happy with today's weather...didn't like all the rain and cold last week!

  9. You are getting goods from the garden and it looks like we are going to get some good snow Wednesday afternoon into Thursday!

  10. What a fun blog you have. It looks like we have some of the same interests. I am your newest follower. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


  11. Nice little harvest. I can't wait for the spring flowers to bloom around here. We don't have any planted yet, but we will be planting this fall.

  12. I love your blog and I am a new follower! Lately it seems I do more blog-reading that blog-posting. Yours is fun and so down-to-earth. I will visit often. My son and I are planning to do some square-foot gardening this Spring and Summer, so we'll see how that works! Have a great week! :)

  13. HARVEST! Wow! That's so exciting! I'm putting out a garden this year, I can't wait! Congrats on the harvest.

  14. Lynda, thanks! I LOVE my daffodils. They're so happy and full of life. Weather's been crazy here the last week or so. Rain today, and supposed to be snow down to 100'! Pure craziness.

    Becca, Your weather is crazy too? I guess we're not the only ones.

    Mary, thanks! I'll be checking out your blog again. Always nice to see what other people are doing.

    Daphne, thanks for hosting the Harvest Monday. I am looking forward to seeing your new garden this year, and all that you do with it. Have fun!

    Lisa, well, thank you! I get caught up with reading other blogs, too. It's fun, and I learn quite a bit. Gardening is a great activity for the family. Have fun with your son!

    Lena, I know!! Wahoo!! I will look forward to reading about your gardening this summer. Will you post a time or two on that??

  15. I love to see what you harvest each week! I'm almost a bit envies, because the only thing we grow in the garden right now are leeks. :)