Sunday, August 23, 2009

Girl Day!

Friday I had a girl day. Like, almost all day. It was fun, and, well, girlie! I don't get many girlie days, because I live in a house filled with boys. Granted, I'm only outnumbered 2 to 1, now that the eldest is in college and moved out. But still, at times it's nice to just forget about testosterone and be a girl. Which is kinda funny, since I've never been the frilly, foo foo kind. Anyway, about a week ago, I got a phone call from my niece. She needed to go shopping for some jeans before she went away to college, and she and her mom, who just so happens to be my sister, were going right past my house on their way to the big city, and did I want to go?? Of course! I wouldn't pass up a chance to spend the day with the two of them. Friday morning came, and off we went, headed to the nearest mall. Well, my niece tried on a boatload of jeans, and would you believe none of them fit? Now, this was a pretty big shock for me, because, well, when my kid needs jeans, whoever is going by Sam's or Walmart picks up a pair, and they always, and I mean always, work. I guess that's a guy for you. Not so with girls. The jeans my niece wanted would need to be high enough up so her keester didn't show when she bent over, and long enough in the legs so when she went riding (horses) the cuffs were still long enough. And it wasn't because she was being overly picky, because she wasn't. They just didn't fit. She was getting a little bummed, so we did what any normal person would do. We ate lunch! We decided on Olive Garden. Had the unlimited soup, salad, and bread sticks. It was very good. Just the thing we needed to continue on our quest for the perfect pair of jeans. We put our heads together, and decided that we should go to Tractor Supply, or "T.S.C." as they're known as around here. I knew they had women's jeans, and, who knows, maybe there would be something there that she would like. So, off we went! And you know what? They have the most perfect Wrangler jeans for riding, and the only ones I've ever seen that has the size and inseam made for women. Small women, but still, women's jeans. I guess we are moving up in the jeans world. Anyway, now my niece has 2 more pairs of perfect jeans, (she would've gotten another pair, but that's all they had) and she is a way happy girl. She's ready to go! She's so excited to start. All she has to do now is wait. Just wait for the beginning of school so she can start her first year of college. The first of many, many, years of college. But she is excited. It's what she has always wanted to do, ever since she was little. And now she is on her way.

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  1. I haven't shopped for jeans in forever! Mitch is easy. Know his waist size and length. Alan is harder because he has really, really long legs, almost 37 inches! So we usually do LL Bean or Levi's since I know that I can get longer lengths there. But that leaves out places like Walmart or Target. Glad you had a great time.