Monday, August 17, 2009


This is my cucumber row. (In back is my laundry) I've been picking cucumbers for about a month now, and they are producing enough that I have extra. I've given some away, but last week, I decided that I should make pickles. Right after I brought in the laundry.

I went through my recipes and decided on dill pickles with garlic. Looking at the clock, I had enough time to get the stuff that afternoon so I could start the pickles early in the morning. I made my grocery list, and off I went, to the local grocery store. I got vinegar, garlic, canning salt, and ............uh, no dill. Oh, it's probably just a small oversight on ordering, or maybe I'm not the only one here who is being overrun by cucumbers and needs to get dill. Hmmmmmm, not to worry, this isn't backwoods boondockville, we have two grocery stores! Oh, I love living here. What choices! I drove to the other store to get dill there. They didn't have it either. I think we really do live in backwoods boondockville! This whole town doesn't have any fresh dill during canning season. Since I didn't have time to drive to the next town and back, my pickles would have to wait another day.
(Fast forward one day----) Hubby brought home two bunches of fresh dill from Bel-Air. What a guy! NOW I had everything I needed. The next morning, while it was still crisp and cool, I went outside and picked cucumbers. And picked. And picked.
This is what I got ............. from one side! Boondockville grows some good produce, huh?

I took them into the kitchen, and went back out to pick the other side. This time I didn't get quite so many, but still more than enough. I also finished picking my peppers, got a few tomatoes that I thought were riper, and a monster yellow scalloped squash that had been in hiding.

I spent the next few hours "putting up" dill pickles. They should be yummy in about a month or so.

I still had cucumbers left, so I made sweet pickles .............. and then I tried a relish recipe .............. and still had some left, so I put them in a salad for dinner.

I like the Boondocks. Living here is perfect. Except when I need fresh dill.

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  1. Ok, now you know where you can send a care package of you need the address? :-)