Friday, August 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Visitor

Hubby and I were eating breakfast under the trees last weekend. Actually, it was more of a brunch, because when I make breakfast for us, it takes me a very long time. I can't do anything less than a 3 course breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Don't ask me why, I just do. I've tried not to, but it just happens. I tell myself I'm just going to make eggs and some toast. But then I decide that a little fruit would be nice, so I cut up peaches or melon, or whatever I have in the fruit basket. Usually, I like to add some cheese into the eggs, and then I think, it's in the middle of the summer, I might as well make a small omelet with some veggies, so I run out to the garden. Assuming I don't get sidetracked and start weeding, or watering, or tying things up, or basically just puttering, I will cut chard, green onions, squash, and whatever else looks good. Of course, they need to be washed, dried and chopped before I am able to start cooking them. Next thing I know, my simple eggs and toast breakfast has turned into a 3 course meal. Ahhhh, but I digress. It was about 11 on Saturday morning when we heard the far off hum of an engine. We looked around, and then up, and this is what we saw:

It's not unusual to see planes flying over and around our house this time of year. We have lots of orchards and fields around us that need things flown on. This crop duster was flying over the rice field to the south of us, and in the process, giving us a nice personal air show. I love the sound of a crop duster, with the ups and downs, and then they will be a little muffled when they go behind trees. It's all very country-fied. Or, would that be, country-ish? Anyway, we sat there for a few minutes watching the plane go back and forth, up over the trees, turning around and then going back down into the field. I decided to ditch my breakfast, and ran inside to grab my camera. For the next 10 minutes or so, I was able to shoot quite a few pictures, first from the garden, and then from the pasture. Here are a few of my favorites.

This next one was awesome! I was in the pasture, clicking pictures, and the pilot flew almost directly over. I was taking pictures as fast as my camera would go. I was bending backwards, taking pictures, and hoping that I wouldn't get off balance and fall. After all, that might be bad for my camera! It was amazing, and such a thrill! Besides that, I ended up with this picture that shows up close how the seeds and stuff come out all along the bottom wing. Cool, huh?

Then he turned and went back to take another run at the rice field. He made a few more passes, and then he was gone, taking our air show with him. What a way to start the weekend!

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  1. I like your airshow! We are going to have the really loud kind of show here next weekend! I wish that I could say that I liked that sort of thing, but I wonder if I was a cat in another life. The noise gets to me after a fashion and I just want to close up the windows of just get out of dodge until the show is over!