Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just F.Y.I..........

Like most folks, I carry a cell phone with me. Except today. And yesterday. You see, on Sunday, my cell phone decided it was going to give up working. Geoff ordered another for me, and it's on its way, but for now, I am out of commission. Unless I use the house phone. Or my email. Or I could drive to someone's house. Or someone could drive here. Or walk. Or ride a bike. But, please don't suggest I use David's phone, because I already did, and I busted that one, too. Maybe it got too hot the day I didn't have pants with pockets, and I stored it in my bra. Wait, that didn't sound right. I had pants. They had no pockets. Anyway, now Geoff has to order another one to replace David's, after he ordered another one to replace mine. So for the next few days, if anyone needs me, they will need to use our house phone. Or email. Or a car. Or a bike. Or a homing pigeon. Wait, scratch that. We don't have any homing pigeons.


  1. Or smoke signals? Or Morse code? So what are you getting for a phone?

  2. I feel so disconnected when I don't have my phone & I think thats so funny, since I went years without one... I keep my phone in my bra all the time. Do you think that's what made it quit working? Hope they get you a new one soon.

  3. Isn't it amazing how 'addicted' we have become to cell phones? I must admit hubby and I don't carry our phones everywhere, because we don't want to be available all the time. We managed very well in the 'old times' without even a house phone, so I'm quite sure we manage now too, without been connected 24/7. It's like it is expected that everyone has to be available 24/7, and that is something we don't want to be. :)
    I hope you'll get a new one soon though...

  4. Becca, yes! Smoke signals! I forgot that one! As for my new phone, it's a razor, like my old one, so I don't have to learn anything new. Blue, I think hubby told me. He asked if I wanted a pink one, but I told him no.
    Lena, I know of other people that keep their phone in their bra, and nothing bad has happened. It was probably a fluke. I hope it was a fluke, because it's pretty handy sometimes!
    Astrid, we were never without a house phone, but it hasn't really been a big deal now to be without my cell phone. I think I should go a day or two each week without it, just for me to be alone, by myself. Hmm, I might think about that. Maybe a good idea to go hide outside, just me and the dog. Take a nap in the trees where it's cool. Yeah, this is sounding pretty good!