Thursday, June 3, 2010

The "To Do" List Is Longer Than The "Done" List!

We've been pretty busy around here, and I'm happy to say that we have some things finished. Wahoo! But, I can't get too excited, because we have more (lots more) to do. Not that we have to do any of it, mind you. We just want to. Would you like to see some of the things on my list??? Yes?? Ok. I'm told we should always start with the positive, so here's some of the things that we have accomplished. Now we can just sit back sipping our iced tea enjoying life in the fast lane.

My tomatoes. For now, they don't need anything except to be watered. The beds have been made, filled, planted, and the supports are in. Or up. However you like to look at it.

My peas. I am picking my peas about every other day to stay ahead of them. I consider this a "done" sort of thing, even though they need some attention, because they are giving back more than I am putting into them right now. And besides, I'm writing this, so that means I can make the rules! Or so I tell myself. Anyway, here are my little peas.

This is in our backyard. It used to be lawn, but we have evolved to a more civilized state. (ha!) Now, we have raised plantings, and decomposed granite that we walk on. This is one of the raised beds. It has lavender and milkweed. Yes, milkweed. It's a variety native to California, and absolutely beautiful. The seeds pop out of puffballs that look like elongated cotton balls. Very cool.

So now, here are the "to-do's". See all those apples on the ground? That's only a minor portion of what needs to be with them. We have 4 apple trees, and one of them has decided to bear like never before. Since we have a college student living at home, one of the things he has so graciously volunteered to do is thin the trees. What a guy!

This pile of dirt is where we used to have a burn pile. We aren't burning there now, and it has just sat there waiting for us to move the ashes and leftover metal. We decided it would be much easier to pile dirt on top and cover it with flowers. It's got a few more loads of dirt coming.

My swiss chard. I don't know what's gotten into them, but they're all bolting. Yes, all of them. I need to cut them all down to the base, and let them start over. I have alot of chard. Just a little job that will take me a few hours some morning. Just not today. Or tomorrow.


  1. Busy, busy, bee you are! We have had a lot of rain here, so not sure what is happening with the CSA, but they are sure to be having some issues. Hoping that we get a few nice, dry days!

  2. Hey Becca! I went to our farmer's market here just this Tuesday, and there is someone doing a CSA! In our little town! I was pleasantly surprised. They sell their extra at the weekly market, and I bought a little, but with our garden it doesn't make sense for us to do a CSA. Goat milk soap however, that's another story. I bought 5 bars!

  3. Milk soap? Sounds like it will get you squeaky clean! :-)

  4. Love to see your garden, looks great with all the vegetables and herbs you are growing - a lot of work indeed!
    Goat milk soap - do they make soap from goat milk? Never heard that before...

  5. Yes, goat milk soap is made from..... goat milk! Pretty funky, I know. I had not heard of goat milk soap before either. However, I can tell you from first-hand experience now, it is wonderful!
    The people who have the goats keep about half of their herd a few miles down the road from us. I pass them every day on my way to work. They're such fun to watch.
    My garden certainly keeps me out of trouble. I'm counting the days until school gets out so I can spend more time outside. I will get up early, go outside and work, come inside for breakfast, go outside and work, come inside for lunch and a nap...... oh, my, it's time for summer break! Just 5 days left!!

  6. Wow! you are busy! I love garden to do list's and like it even more when the to do's can be marked off the list. But, my list never gets any shorter. I'm always adding to it. :0)
    Sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned! Enjoy! don't forget to wear a hat.
    Goat milk soap, Cool, I've got to find me some!

  7. Lena, I just love being out in the garden. And you're right, my list never gets any shorter too! Funny that you tell me to wear a hat.... I have a gardening hat that I wear. It's my favorite but I had to look for a few years to find it. My hair is thick, and I have lots of it, so when I wear a hat on top of my hair, it doesn't stay. I went to a hat shop last year and found a wide brimmed, adjustable, topless hat! I love it! It fits perfect, and now I wear it whenever I go outside to garden.