Saturday, November 20, 2010

Duck Carts.....

I was looking through some of my old pictures lately, and ran across a few that I would share. These were taken a few years ago. My two boys were trying out a duck cart before hunting season opened. These carts are made to carry heavy or bulky things along a trail in the outdoors.

But this particular afternoon, it wasn't hauling anything in the outdoors. It was in our driveway. Empty. And sad. And forlorn. Maybe even lonely!

Ahhh, but not for long! My kids, being the ingenious people that they are, were re-purposing this cart into an afternoon of fun. I love boys! They're so full of life. And imagination! Just think of what they can do with some spare time, a duck cart, and a nice, big, empty driveway!

Boys are made for having fun. Unfortunately, duck carts aren't.


  1. Boys will be boys...:-D Got to love them.

  2. Huisvlyt, Yeah, they're sometimes a breed of their own. I can't imagine my life without them.

  3. LOL! I agree, boys are boys and will always be! So cute! I'm sure you all had lots of fun!

  4. What fun! I had a son that turned our new lawnmower into a go cart when we weren't looking. He got into a bit of trouble over that one!