Thursday, November 18, 2010

Onions, Owies, and Old Recipes

Tuesday, after work, I planted 3 bags of onion sets. One bag each of white onions, red, and one bag of yellow. We went into the garden, just me, the dog, and three bags of onions. Things were progressing nicely until I got over halfway through the last bag, and then I straightened up, only to have a sharp pain in my lower back. I finished the onions, and went inside, figuring it would go away soon enough. Ha! Not so! Since then, I've been hobbling around, not really able to straighten up, moving like a total freadazoid, and probably making weird noises. But, it's not all bad! There's a silver lining to this little cloud. Today, in an effort to help my back feel better, I've been spending a boatload of time in my recliner, shelling out walnuts. I've cracked out 7 lbs of meat! Wow! Ok, when I put it in writing, 7 lbs. doesn't really sound like alot, but it's taken me a long time, so I'm still going to be excited for myself. Anyway, you want to know something? As I'm cracking these things, I keep thinking about my mom's candied walnuts she used to make. They had this dark almost hard candy coating, and she would cook them on the stove, then pour it all onto a cookie sheet to cool, then break them apart. Funny that I haven't thought of that in years. I wonder if I can find her recipe?


  1. When life gives you back pain, make walnuts!

    I think seven pounds of walnuts is a HUGE amount. With the price of all nuts these days, you've got pure gold there! Don't they seem even more valuable knowing you've "produced" them yourself?

    Hoping the catch in your get-a-long is totally gone soon.

  2. Yes, 7 lbs is something to be in awe of. Sorry to hear about your back. I have done that several times, but after a day or two in the recliner on the heating pad, it seems to feel better. Hope yours is not any more serious.

    Hope you find that recipe, sounds so good. If not, the internet is bound to have something close. Grandmothers are great at making such wonderful memory-making yummies.

    Feel better soon and keep cracking those nuts.

  3. Mama Pea, the produce we produce (ha!) does seem more valuable! Feels nice to be able to do it here, at home, for ourselves. Sort of self-reliant.

    Lorie, you know the funny thing about that recipe?? The more I think about it, the more I think it wasn't even walnuts, but almonds instead. I think. Ack!!

  4. I hope your back is better! I know that pain, no fun at all. Candied walnuts sounds so yummy, and 7 lbs is quite a lot! Where do you use candied walnuts, cakes?