Friday, November 12, 2010

I "Heart" Big Trucks!

I got a phone call Wednesday night from our oldest son, Michael. It was well after dark, and he didn't have school the next day, so I wasn't surprised to find he'd decided to go hunting the next day. Here's the gist of our conversation:

"Hi Mom, guess what? I just killed a deer!"
"When? Where? I didn't know you went hunting today."
"Like, not even 5 minutes ago, right here South of town, and I wasn't hunting. I was driving!"
"I wasn't hunting! I hit it with the truck! "

Oh, let me tell you, anybody with children knows the feeling I had when my son told me that he'd hit a full grown deer, broadside. But the only thing that happened, well, aside from him killing the deer, was a caved in bumper and a busted headlight.

New headlight - $20. Friends helping pull bumper back out - $0. Nothing wrong with my son - priceless.


  1. Yikes, glad that he is okay...does the state, in all its infinite wisdom in all things, actually let him keep it? Or does he have to share it with those less fortunate as to not have hit a deer?


  2. Becca; no, it would be very much not the right thing to do if he were to throw it in the back of the truck for his consumption. It will just be lunch or dinner for some buzzards later. I don't know where "The Roadkill Grill" is located.

  3. Run-ins with deer (and even moose) are common occurrences in our neck of the woods, too. So glad your son wasn't hurt and that even his truck came out of it with little damage. That's not always the case. It's amazing the amount of damage a deer can do to a vehicle!

  4. Lucky - in more that one way!!!

  5. Yup, an often occurrence here as well. Glad he is fine....gotta love those trucks. I love mine!

  6. Your son was lucky! Accidents with elks happen in Norway too, especially in winters if there's a lot of snow - the elks jumps from the woods into the roads... silly animals! :)

  7. Yikes! My granddaughter just drove through her first snow storm, but her car wasn't so lucky. It required a new fender, bumper and struts after she hit the big sign.