Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back From My Weekend!

Oh, my! Where should I start? Everybody should be able to have a girly, three day weekend. It's good for the soul. We had a great time! We sewed, we ate, we took a field trip to a quilt store and a yarn shop, we ate, we watched movies and stayed up too late, and we ate! All with the beautiful view from a house on the lake. We brought enough stuff to keep us busy for weeks. This is what we packed.... this is Jerilyn's stuff. She's a great packer. Most of her stuff is in the very back, and only a few things in the back seat. Hi Jerilyn! Nice quilt!

This is Linda's car. The six sewing machines we brought are hidden behind these pillows, quilts, tubs, and a few clothes bags. In the back seat we stuffed more tubs and clothes bags. On the way home, we had enough room to stop at the store and get 5 gallons of bottled water. The dorm has terrible water, so Patricia stocked up while she had the chance!

Doesn't really look exciting here in the car, does it? Check this out! This is our cutting station. Well, this is our big cutting station. Our small cutting station is in the kitchen. I didn't think to get a picture of that.

More really important stuff! That's the back of Linda's head. She's ignoring me. Sisters sometimes do that!

Everybody brought their own stash of thread. Here's a few that Joanne brought.

Here's a few from Linda's stash, organized in a zipper case.

More of Linda's. She has this thread organized in two hot wheels carrying cases. She's looking for another case just like these, but hasn't found one yet.

Know of anybody that takes their own iron and ironing board on a three day weekend??? (Yeah, we're raising our hands!) Oh, funny story! Jerilyn has this incredible iron that holds about a gallon of water. We only have to fill it twice during the whole weekend of sewing. She brought the part that holds the water, but forgot to bring the iron! Luckily, we were able to use the iron they have there.

Oh, my, would you look at this?? Perfect sewing weather. It rained and rained and rained.

We got so much done. Here's Jerilyn, Linda, and Patricia sitting at the table sewing.

And here's Joanne sewing at the couch. This is her first quilt, and she has done it all by hand. She is almost finished with it, and has done a wonderful job.

Linda makes smocked baby rompers. She smocks them by hand. As in, each stitch, one at a time! This is one that she had started a long time ago. Aren't they cute?

Ahhh, here's Patricia. She worked on a reversible quilt. It had two fronts, so when she gets tired of one side, she can turn it over, and it's just as pretty on the other side.

Here's the first side with borders, and all sewn together. I think this is the third quilt she has done. She was able to sew both tops (one front and one back) with all borders, ready to go to the quilter to be machine quilted. It will probably be ready the next time she comes home!
Monday was the day to pack up our stuff. We were lucky enough to get a few breaks in between rain storms, and so got our stuff stuffed into the cars without getting drenched! Such luck!


  1. What a great weekend and so productive!

  2. That looks like great fun! I do a little quilting. I love piecing the tops. I have about seven tops put together, just not very good at the quilting part. I've only actually finished two quilts. :o)

    Girl weekends are the best!