Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing New Year's Day today. We did. The day started out with a whole lot of nothing going on!

We had a multitude of furry creatures inside all day. They would get booted out of one spot, to take up residence in another. They weren't particular where they were, so long as it was inside where it was warm.

There wasn't much of anything on the schedule for today, just kicking back and doing lots of relaxing. I always take down the tree the first day of the year, and I had help, so it didn't really take that long. David helped me get the stuff off the tree, and he and his dad got the tubs down from the attic to put everything back into. I washed the tree skirt for my kitchen tree, folded it, and put it in its appropriate tub. David decided to take a nap, so Hubby waited until he made his appearance to go back up to the attic. All the stuff was up, and Hubby was on his way to the ladder, when I heard a big crash. David came out to say that we now had a new hole in the bedroom ceiling!

Uhh, I guess this is what happens when a number ten slips off the joist! Well, we had been talking about painting! Now we can patch first, then paint. Tomorrow's list of things to do? Start moving the stuff on this side of the room, and emptying the bookcase. Looks like it's time for a new project.


  1. I love having my furry friends hanging out with me. Your kitty looks pretty happy!

    I love getting my house back in order after Christmas.

    Very Sorry about the new hole in your bedroom ceiling.
    Back to Lowe's you go ! :0)

  2. Wow, looks like a major remodeling project? Or an easy fix? I know nothing about these things.

  3. Oh I feel for you and know exactly how that happened! you should have seen our hole in the ceiling -- old house so most of the ceiling is wood with sheet rock over it - but in one area unbeknown to us there use to be a trap door that lead to the attic above the office area of the sewing room - trap door is no longer there and hubby thought he stepped on the wood and went right through the ceiling - landed on his office chair (not hurt) I guess when the previous owners took the trap door out they only had sheet rock in that area and no wood - everything was covered with insulation so was not noticeable from the attic side of it.