Friday, January 15, 2010

Girly Weekend!

I am taking advantage of the three day weekend to go on a girly retreat. We are sewing, eating chocolate, and staying in our jammie pants all day. I am going with my sister and niece to meet two friends at a "cabin" on a lake. It's not really a cabin, but a very nice house. As we speak (ok, as I type) I am at my Dad's house, waiting for my sister to get off work. Of course, I forgot to pack my camera, but I will see if Linda has hers available so I can show you what we accomplished, and some pictures of the lake and stuff. I'm making Saturday night's dinner. I packed stuff for beef and barley soup, with rosemary rolls. They're yummy!


  1. Sounds like FUN! Have a great weekend! I love girly retreats, there the best!

    Yummmmmy, You'll have to share the recipe.

  2. Have fun, and update me when you get back on what is up with you, girly, girl!