Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Sunday Project

I've been thinking about making one of these for awhile. I just hadn't gotten around to it. It's almost done. All I need to do is put a pair of hinges on the top. Do you know what it is??? Let me show you what it looks like inside, as if the top were open with the hinges.....that I don't have yet! Of course, there's nothing inside. That will come later. Do you know what it is yet????

This picture will give you a feeling of size. Not that I really know the size of it, you know, like in inches or anything like that, but behind it is Dozer, nosing around. He's my sidekick. My buddy. My shadow. Anyway, here's the box. I've put in some shredded paper. Normally, I would put in either wood shavings, or straw, but the straw I have is wet, and the shavings I have are the mulch stuff for pathways, and I thought that wouldn't be as nice as the shredded paper. If it ends up all over, I'll take it out and put in the shaving/mulch. Well? Have you guessed yet?

Ok, I'll give you a really big hint. Look at this next picture!

This little greenish thing in the middle is a glass egg. Now do you know what it is??? If you guessed a nest box for my chickens, you are right!!! Tomorrow, on my way home, I'll pick up a package of piano hinges, and zip them on. Then I can raise the lid to get the eggs or clean it out, but the hens will be happy to have a little hidey hole to lay their eggs in. They love hidey holes. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Cool!! I would love to have chickens, But, I live in town and the only farm type animal I can get away with is a pot belly pig. His name is Wilber. You'll have great fun collecting eggs from your new nesting box!

  2. I guessed right from the beginning! :) We had chickens at the farm I grew up and sold eggs too. Such a box is cool - they will love it!

  3. I grew up eating fresh eggs from our own chickens...they are nothing like store bought...