Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look What Happened Today!

Here in the Sacramento Valley, we don't usually get rain this late in June. Like, very rarely. And if we do, it usually isn't very much. Today, however, isn't like most late June days in the Sacramento Valley. Today, we got rain. And lots of it. So far, we've gotten well over 3/4 of an inch! And it's still raining. Will we make a whole inch??? Only time will tell.

Dozer didn't seem to mind at all. He kind of likes the rain. But my chickens are another story. My poor chickens were drenched. Yes, they had shelter they could have gotten under. Doesn't mean they took advantage of that! They looked like really big drowned rats. Yea, my chickens; they're not brain surgeons.


  1. This summer sure has been screwy. Today was humid and gray here and only got to 70. Saturday it is supposed to be in the 80s! You know what they say about summer in Oregon, it doesn't start until July 5th!

    And here comes a 4 day weekend! Mitch's work is closed on Monday and Tuesday! Woostinkinghoo!

  2. Yea for the rain, and oh, the poor dumb chickens. They weren't blessed with a very big brain, were they?

  3. Perhaps your chicken loved the rain?! I mean, if it hasn't been raining for some time... Your garden loved it too, I'm sure! Wonderful weather here today, we had rain yesterday.

  4. WooHoo! Your chickens were probably confused, huh?

  5. Becca, boy, you can say that again! In addition to the bucketloads of rain, the day before yesterday our high was about 95, yesterday was 70, and this weekend we're supposed to have 100+. Go figure!

    Sue, My chickens were out looking for bugs when God was handing out brains.

    Astrid, I think my garden appreciated the rain more than the chickens. They didn't look very happy.

    APG, Yea, but who knows, maybe they've all forgotten about it by now!